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Do you have a Personal Infomercial?

When looking for a job you are repeatedly asked: "What kind of job are you seeking?" and "Tell me about yourself." You must be able to respond in a concise, effective and favorable manner in order to be taken seriously by a listener.

Thank You Notes

It is highly recommended to send a thank you note after every interview and should go out within 24 hours. Here's why:

How to Conduct a Great Interview

Hiring and keeping good workers begins with the job interview. A successful interview does not just happen, it needs to be planned, guided and prepared for. If your interview skills are a bit rusty here are a few pointers to get you back in the game:

Email Etiquette

The best form of communication is an in person meeting or phone call, but when email is required here is a guideline on how to get the most out of your email exchange.